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When there is an opportunity or challenge, who should be at the table? 


The Communicators.

We are the ones who help set the strategy, shape the message and deliver and implement the ideas. Any winning organization or endeavor knows that strong and savvy communications are key to success.

So, what if a group of communicators had a place where they could pose a problem, float an opportunity, or learn among peers and colleagues?

What if there were a "safe" space for people to talk about their projects in a way that encouraged collaboration, not just healthy competition? What if there were a place where everyone from a global brand to a leading NGO to a start-up idea could come to collect ideas and new perspectives?

That's who we are.

We are an informally affiliated group of peers and professionals. We come together to highlight interesting people and ideas and to put on the table something that matters to our friends and society and the future. And we put the muscle of communications insight and ideas and experience to help things go from idea to success.

Want to get involved?
E-mail us at

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