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Bridging Communities Through Cross-Cultural Collaboration:
Using visual, culinary and olfactory arts as a common language
Thursday, June 15th

Fatima Al-Dosari, the Executive Director of Qatar America Institute for Culture, spoke about cross-cultural communications, specifically between the U.S. and the Arab Gulf. She will tell the story of how she built her institute's home in D.C. and why. Al-Dosari and her team utilize cultural dialogue, a welcoming gathering place, and art-based events to bridge the cultural divide between the U.S., Qatar, and the broader Arab and Islamic worlds. 

Fatima Al-Dosari is a cross-cultural communications professional with over ten years of experience in building bridges between her home country, Qatar, and the United States. She currently pursues her passion for cultural diplomacy as the Executive Director of Qatar America Institute for Culture (QAIC; pronounced ‘cake’). Through art exhibitions, immersive cultural experiences, and scholarly opportunities, Fatima leads the institute’s efforts to further strengthen cultural understanding, dialogue, and appreciation between Qatar, the United States, and the larger Arab and Islamic worlds. Her scope of work focuses on strategy and development to grow the organization’s impact and create long-term cultural partnerships between the two countries.

Fatima!s previous work experience include strategizing and managing various projects for international organizations in the media industry and UN agencies. She also consulted for several governmental organizations, academic institutions, and corporations both in Qatar and the U.S. focusing on strategic communication, data analysis, and policy on topics such corporate social responsibility (CSR), particularly in relation to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Fatima was awarded an M.A. from Georgetown University!s Communication, Culture and Technology (CCT) Program and has an Executive Certificate in Arts and Culture Strategy from University of Pennsylvania. She received her B.A. in International Affairs and Human Development from Qatar University.

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