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Communicator’s Guide to the 78th UN General Assembly

In a world marked by unprecedented challenges, UN General Assembly takes center stage with a call to rebuild trust and reignite solidarity. Our program will equip communicators with the tools they need to respond to the urgent priorities of this global convening. Featuring prominent communicators from the corporate, media, and NGO sectors, this discussion will help drive the conversation with attendees' organizations and clients.

Moderated by:

Aaron H. Sherinian, Senior Vice President, Global Reach, Deseret Management Corporation

Panelists include:
Chrysula Winegar, Senior Communications Director at the United Nations Foundation

John G. Murphy, Senior Vice President for International Policy, US Chamber of Commerce

Candice Cole, Washington Correspondent, The Young Turks

Danielle Ruckert, Vice President/Healthcare Team, Raffetto Herman Strategic Communications

Elise Labott, Founder and CEO of Zivvy Media

Watch the webinar:

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